Cynthia’s Artistic Expression is a family owned art gallery and studio founded by two Gulf War Navy veterans located in beautiful Oceanside, CA. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the greater community with an emphasis on therapeutic art healing for veterans and active duty service members. We specialize in museum quality fine art and custom sip and paint parties.


Art is a way to express yourself, release stress, and increase mental and emotional health. Art is not only for one special occasion but for every day.


W.B. always wanted to share beauty of everything he saw with Cynthia. She inspires him. Especially when they were separated in the military. W.B. wanted to capture the beauty and share it with Cynthia. That’s how the name came about.


“I believe in the healing power of art and creativity. We are creative beings by nature and deep within, we seek to ‘bring something into existence”. Creating art feels good to the soul and is a natural desire within us. I wanted to create a space to share this experience with everyone I could.”

I have been a registered nurse for the past 20 years. Prior to nursing I was a U.S Navy Medic assigned to a Marine base. Through my training I’ve learned to use art therapeutically to help with mental, emotional and pain symptoms. I have personally watched and experienced the positive changes that art can bring.


I served the U.S. Navy during the Persian Gulf War as a seaman and culinary specialist at sea. After the war I knew that I had changed. I began to utilize art as a way to adjust to the new me I had become. I was later diagnosed with PTSD and now because of art therapy I’m able to successfully manage my PTSD symptoms.

As a self-taught artist I look for the hidden beauty in all things. Even in the most obvious examples of beauty there is much more to be seen and shown. With each piece that I create my goal is to reveal the fullness of the piece. I accomplish this with "pushing and pulling", pain staking attention to "highs and lows", light, shadow and shade control. I work with oil, acrylic and graphite mediums.

My style is Photorealism. I accomplish this utilizing multiple mediums, genres, and concepts concentrating on the beauty in the most minute details. I have found that the true art of photorealism is in the smallest intricacies. The subjects I've painted are things that move me emotionally. It is my mission that each person who view my work will not only see but feel what I have to say about each piece. Enjoy!




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